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tv   MSNBC Live With Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser  MSNBC  December 27, 2020 4:00am-5:00am PST

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checks to help fans who can't pay their rent. the super star singer donating half a million dollars to those impacted by the eviction crisis. through her impact fund, beyonce is giving $5,000 grants to a hundred people facing eviction. the
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but we do say good morning.
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it is sunday december 27th. the year is almost over. josh, good morning to you. as you know, there are many people right now wondering those folks who have lost their unemployment, they're wondering if there is anyone or anything that could change this president's mind at this hour for get this bill signed. it's already down there at his desk at mar-a-lago. >> apparently there isn't anyone. and many have tried, kendis, including senator lindsey graham of south carolina, a staunch trump ally who showed up at the end of the week, played a round of golf with the president at his club in west palm beach, and emerged to say the president seemed more committed to ever to his new standard for this legislation, these $2,000 checks that the president has been calling for.
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now, if you want to know what actually president trump is thinking, the best place at this point to find those answers happens to be twitter. because even his close aides have no idea what exactly his game plan is here, whether there is any room for maneuvering around this. the president tweeting overnight a new wrinkle in this, saying $2,000 plus $2,000 plus other family members not $600. remember, it was china's fault. so that has raised some questions about whether he's now calling for two different checks for $2,000. there hasn't been a lot of clarity. the white house not providing a lot of answers on that. and the problem here politically is this is no longer trump versus democrats trying to find some compromise in the middle. trump has now gone to the left of his own republican party and to the left even of democrats who are only asking for about $1,200 in those negotiations. so hard to find a way out there of republicans could support. but in the meantime we are already seeing the dire consequences of this with those
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federal unemployment insurance programs having expired at midnight. so many millions of americans including those who are self-employed not going to be able to get that assistance, and then an eviction protection program for people at risk of being kicked out of their houses set to end at the end of this year. the house is going to once again try to pass a bill that would provide those $2,000 payments that the president is asking for. but it's unclear and fairly unlikely that's going to be able to make it through republicans in the senate. and of course that other looming crisis, the federal government shutdown with hundreds of thousands of federal workers set to be off the job when the clock strikes midnight monday heading into tuesday, just one more economic crisis that we don't need as so many americans are struggling this holiday season with the pandemic and economic calamity. >> so many people, so many congressional leaders are heading back to d.c. early tomorrow morning to try to get
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something done, not saying that i can decipher what the president means, but in his initial tweet, do you remember, josh, he said he was asking for $2,000 per person, and 4,000 per couple. so perhaps last night's tweet was the combination of that? >> i have no idea. i'm not sure. yeah, certainly possible. the problem is we just don't know and nobody's providing any answers because nobody can seem to understand what president trump is thinking. >> yeah, exactly. we need a google translator for his tweets. thank you. we now go to nashville for the latest on the christmas day bombing there. law enforcement sources telling nbc news they don't yet have enough evidence to point to a particular motive. but a possible break in the case as authorities move in on a home in the suburbs. they searched a house south of the cities belonging to a 63-year-old man, anthony quinn warner. an rv can be seen in warner's
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backyard. well, that rv matches the photo and description of the one that police say exploded downtown. nbc's shaq brewster is there with the latest. what is nbc saying about this possibility? >> reporter: this was the fbi acting on one of the more 500 leads and tips that they say they have received since that christmas morning bombing that of course took them to the home of that 63-year-old man in antioch, tennessee. that's about 15 minutes away from where i'm standing. you mentioned this but i think it bears repeating. two senior law enforcement officials tell nbc news that they have not gathered enough evidence to point to any particular motive. you said that they're not calling this man a suspect and they're not even calling him a person of interest at this point. but it's clear with the searches that we've been seeing and then spending time at his home yesterday that there is a level of interest and attention that
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they are giving to him. now these officials say that they have looked into a possible digital footprint. they looked at his social media pages. they have not been able to find anything there. we also know that rv was parked in front of an at&t transmission center. that brings them to look to see is there any connection that he may have with at&t. they have not found anything there. their work clearly continues. again, they are not calling him a suspect or even a person of interest at this point. we'll wait to see if we get any updates on that today. meanwhile, at the blast site, that massive area that investigators are still combing to see if there's any evidence, finding that physical evidence and piecing together what we know. listen to what they told us about the complexities of trying to process that site. >> it's quite a challenge. having been up there and seeing that scene, it's like a giant jigsaw puzzle created by a bomb that throws pieces of evidence across multiple city blocks.
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and they've got to gather it. they've got to catalog it. they've got to put it back together and find out what the picture of that puzzle looks like. >> reporter: one of the key pieces of evidence that they have said they found at that site is of course what they are describing as human tissue, some possible remains that they have discovered. they have not put any identification on those remains or said where they could have come from, perhaps inside or outside of the rv. but that is something they're continuing to go through. and as the downtown nashville area remains still pretty much closed, we're several blocks away from where that actual bomb site was. >> shaquille brewster in nashville, thank you. joining us is congresswoman of tennessee. our thoughts are obviously with you with what's happening right now in your home. i just wanted to ask you your first thoughts or anything you want to share about the
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situation going on. are you learning anything that you might be able to share with us? >> well, nashville's our capital city and it's one of the great entertainment streets in that city, we call it broadway. this man wanted to make a statement, apparently whether it was about at&t or some other facility on second avenue or maybe just on second avenue in nashville, i don't know. but it's so sad that he's done this to a great american city, and it caused so much destruction and damage. it's a very sad situation. >> i can't help but kind of think about the contrast. last week sunday we were talking with you as a proud tennesseean talking about how many of your fellow tennesseeans were taking part in that second rollout of the moderna drug. and now fast forward to this week, we have tennessee once again on the map but for all the wrong reasons. >> yeah, it is a big contrast,
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and of course we're still fighting the corona. we will be and the vaccine needs to be distributed. but there are sick people all over this country, and tennessee has its share. this man was obviously very disturbed. anybody that would cause that kind of destruction, it's terrorism really. it's urban terrorism, domestic terrorism. i don't know if this man anthony quinn warner or who it is, but whoever it is, it's caused a lot of destruction. one of my friends was in nashville, and she was interviewed with the magazine. and they came and cleared them out at a hotel. there were just a few people there because of the coronavirus, in this 19-degree weather. they took them to a new hotel and they haven't been able to get their belongings yet because the street's been closed.
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so it's caused a lot of disturbances to a lot of families. >> congressman, i know you're in memphis, but you know that downtown area of nashville is so iconic. the governor of your state is asking for emergency declaration from president trump. we have 41 buildings damaged or destroyed in this bombing. how will the downtown area rebuild, knowing that this is happening right now when the area's likely already crippled from the pandemic? >> it's going to be difficult, and we certainly need the help of the federal government. the federal government is the provider of aid and crises. this is the stafford act and a safety net for the american public. and the destruction there is humongous. they need help with clearing up the destruction, and there's going to be a whole lot of people fixing windows and fixing buildings. i have two buildings that have succumbed to the damage. after the blast they fell down.
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so there's going to be destruction that's going to have to be rebuilt. businesses will close the restaurants on that street and firms. they've certainly had a hit from coronavirus. they'll have an extra hit here. so it's a devastating loss, and hopefully the president can take a little bit of time off his golf game and help the people of nashville. >> a long road to recovery indeed. while we have you and while we're talking about the president, his golf game, et cetera, what sort of phone calls or emails are you guys doing right now? are you all reaching out to the administration to fellow republicans to try to see if you can figure out something? because there are so many millions of americans that are just left outside in the cold right now broke. >> yeah. it's really a shame. this is a time the government needs to be in action. last week the congress did act, and they acted on behalf of the american people to provide the $900 billion c.a.r.e.s. package,
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heroes act. the democrats passed a bill in the house last summer that provided over $2 trillion. >> what are you guys doing today? how are you trying to fix the situation that we're in right now? >> well, speaker pelosi went to the floor, offered a unanimous consent to get the $2,000 passed. hopefully that would help with the president. the republicans objected to that. we're going to have a session tomorrow to look into passing the $2,000 bill again. now the previous tweet that you mentioned, it sounds like that's not sufficient. he wants $2,000 maybe not just for the husband and the wife but also per child. so he's moving the goal post along. we don't need a google interpretation. we need a psychiatric interpretation. we are at the mercy in responding to a man who is not in concert with the difficult times people are facing with
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evictions coming up and the eviction moratorium ending and with employment compensation ending. and all he's concerned about is -- well, let him eat cake. donald trump, you're still president. you do things with war criminals and people who kept their mouths shut. but he shows he's caring about one person, donald trump. >> you corrected me, i guess, congressman steve cohen, thank you. >> you're welcome, kendis. i hate to correct you, but the man's a psychiatric problem, he's not a tech problem. >> thank you. coming up, that super contagious covid strain has now reached north america. canada confirming its first two cases, raising even bigger concerns that it could already be spreading within the u.s. and this is our last show of 2020.
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give your family the ultimate gift. [ gibberish ] and spread joy. [ shrieking ] [ howling ] laughter. [ giggling ] and friendship. you accessorize with a sloth? this is belt. [ gibberish ] mine's sash. -oh, la, la. go to we're back now with a stunning new statistic here in the united states. one in 1,000 americans have died from covid-19 since the first reported case in late january. it's mind-boggling. the infection count nearing 20 million right now. >> and of course we know one of the hardest hit places is california. icu beds have been rutting out. now they hope stay-at-home orders will help slow the spread. >> reporter: the numbers in
4:20 am
california are simply daunting. this is the first state in the country to blow past 2 million covid cases. 36 people died on christmas day as the state closes in now on 24,000 covid-19 deaths. but it's the forward-looking numbers that have folks that are especially concerned. this is a state with something like 8,000 intensive care beds. that capacity is all full. what that means is there are not enough beds based on the state's formula to not only accommodate people with covid-19 but also other people who might go into intensive care. nor is there the staff to accommodate everyone. so here at san francisco general hospital, they do still have some intensive care beds, but they are trying to conserve them now. they are not able to take patients from other parts of the state where icu beds are full. the hope is that the regional stay-at-home orders, which have been in place in some cases since the beginning of december
4:21 am
are starting to flatten the curve, but it's a very slow process. some of those orders were potentially going to expire as soon as next week. it's almost certain now that they will be extended into january as this state still deals now with what may be the worst yet surge in this covid crisis that this state has been dealing with since early this year. this is one of the first states of course to be hit with covid-19 cases. they did very well in flattening the curve early on. but right now california is certainly in a crisis. lindsey, kendis, back to you. >> scott cohn, thank you. >> for more on all this, we are joined right now by the adviser at testing for america and infectious disease epidemiologist. doctor, thank you for being here. we're seeing some scary news stats, showing one in 1,000 americans have died from covid. it's a staggering number. is this as bad as it gets?
4:22 am
or what's a potential in the next few months? >> well, it does get worse, because there will be more deaths over time. and we do see new threats like the mutant virus that's coming to us from the uk. but i still see so much hope on the horizon as we have vaccines roll out that are so incredibly effective. >> vaccines are rolling out. and it seems really slowly right now. two weeks ago when we were talking, so many people from the cdc said possibly by the end of this year, some 20 million people would've had at least one of the shots. so far we're just a little over a million. >> i would say that we're going to be learning how to create efficiencies in the system as we go. and cdc and the leadership at "operation warp speed" have done incredible planning to get us there. but stepping back and thinking about how this virus works and
4:23 am
how the vaccines that are coming out may interact with protecting us from the current circulating strain and the new virus, you just step back, you think about antibodies created by -- induced by the vaccine or recovering from infection. they bind to the part of the virus that's the spike protein. and a good match means that an antibody binds to the spike, and it tells our body to kill the virus. but this new mutant that we're seeing will then change a little bit, the shape of this spike. and what we're waiting to understand, what we think and we hope is that the antibodies that are in our bodies will still be able to bind. but as covid mutates over time, we may need to update the vaccine so that it continues to bind to the new circulating strains. >> that's fascinating and a great way to lay it out. i really appreciate you making it so simple so that i can understand it. but in talking about that mutant
4:24 am
strain, we know that it's in canada and more than a dozen countries. there are some that are saying that we don't have the capability here in the u.s. to be able to test for it to even know if it's already here. >> well, this is why there's continued urgency for covid testing, for detecting these cases and also for sequencing them so we can understand which strains are circulating around. as the vaccine rolls out and we see possible breakthrough infections and on people who have been vaccinated, say in the fall of 2021. we want to be able to understand is that because the durability of the vaccine, you know, the protection wore off? or is it, on the other hand, because the circulating -- the new mutant viruses are so different, the vaccine doesn't recognize it and protect us from it? so this is why we need to continue to be testing and even possibly testing people who are
4:25 am
sick after vaccination and sequencing so that we can understand this virus better. >> all right, dr. blythe adamson, thank you so much for giving us the abcs of the vaccine. i kept expecting you'd get to the chalkboard any moment. >> that's next week. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> i guess i'm a visual learner. i finally get it. all right. that was so good. the race is on of course to deploy the vaccine globally. the eu, canada, here in the u.s. we've all started to vaccinate. but many other countries, it could take years before people get their shots, years. so some returning to china and russia for a solution, even though their trials haven't wrapped ut yet. nbc's bill neely has more details. >> reporter: in the global race between injections and infections, millions have now been vaccinated against the covid virus. in china where it first appeared, more than 20 vaccines are in production. several approved and now being sent abroad.
4:26 am
the governor's of brazil's most populous state said he will try to force people to have one of the chinese vaccines next month in a country with the second highest death toll in the world. yet china hasn't finished their trials yet. but scientists also acknowledge the urgent demand. >> there's no border to this pandemic and there shouldn't be border to the vaccine. >> reporter: russia's sputnik vaccine is another shot in the dark. its final clinical trial results still unpublished. >> it doesn't mean that the vaccines are unsafe. and i would argue that to make that assumption is a terrible mistake. but many russians are skeptical. >> i think it's dangerous. >> i'm scared of this very much. >> i'll take it maybe, why not? >> reporter: yet the european vaccinemaker astrazeneca has signed a deal with russia to
4:27 am
develop vaccines. the pfizer vaccine, which needs ultra cold storage may never reach the poorest parts of the world. many countries can't afford costly western vaccines. >> there is a need for the world to receive this vaccine. there should be access everywhere. >> reporter: which is why g20 leaders pledged last month to share vaccines with poorer nations. >> the chinese virus. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: but vaccine nationalism won't end soon. who was first, whose is the best, who is the most generous? the race is still on as the virus mutates and thousands die by the day. never before has the whole world set out to vaccinate its population. but with rich countries making and buying up most of the vaccines, it could be years before millions in developing nations get one. and the problem for us, well, no one is safe until we're all
4:28 am
safe. >> that's what we hear from doctors. back here at home, some big developments out of nashville. the fbi searching the home of a man where a google street view image shows an rv matching the one that exploded on christmas day. our terrorism expert weighs in. and don't miss the tenth annual revival awards live on "politicsnation" today. reverend and his panel will celebrate the best and worst of 2020 and give awards to those who deserve it. that's at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here. rev is brushing off the tuxedo right now for it. you in the middle of the darkest night it's true, i will rescue you oh, i will rescue you
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gubut force factor's test x180 are tough. can help us man up, america, by boosting total testosterone. build muscle, fuel desire, and improve performance. get test x180 from force factor, the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart. some breaking news overnight and a shocking act of violence. three people are dead and three more injured in a shooting at a bowling alley in northern illinois. the victims, some who were teenagers, were found outside and inside of the building.
4:32 am
police currently have a 37-year-old man in custody. yet the motive is still unknown. and it's also not clear why people were at this venue in rockford, illinois, which was supposed to be closed down under illinois pandemic restrictions. and we're also following breaking news in nashville. federal agents there searched a home in antioch, tennessee, that's southeast of the city. and this google street view image led them there. it shows an rv with a description matching the one that was blown up on christmas day. and the home is said to belong to 63-year-old anthony quinn warner. >> so here's what we know right now. so far the fbi hasn't gathered any evidence that we know of that can point to a particular motive. warner has no meaningful social media presence that we found according to officials. and investigators are combing his digital devices. the rv was parked outside an at&t building, but so far the company says they have no known history with warner. and joining me right now is
4:33 am
malcom nance who's an msnbc terrorism analyst and the author of "plot to destroy america." so, malcolm, what gives? >> you know, we are in a period right here until we get more data about the mindset of the bomber where we're really not going to know precisely what motivated him to do this. my team scrubs the digital world for all sorts of extremism. and we found virtually nothing on this guy. but that doesn't mean that he wasn't motivated by a particular philosophy or ideology. it's just that the fbi and law enforcement have yet to gain that. sometimes you have these attackers who have an ideology that is stuck in their head. and they never impart it to anybody else. in the famous counterterrorism book that was written in the '70s, criminals, crusaders, and crazies. the crazies part is rarely touched upon. but they do actually perpetrate acts of terrorism for whatever
4:34 am
they think is going on. the fbi has mentioned, has interviewed people, and it asks them if they knew anything about his belief in the 5g conspiracy, which is the belief that 5g radio waves are spreading coronavirus and it leads into the whole qanon road. i think the fbi are going on that lead simply because of the target area where that device was left. >> so, nashville police say the city is safe, they've combed the area for secondary devices. they haven't found anything, thankfully. they've brought in bomb dogs. do you think this is a one-time occurrence, or do you think, hopefully not, but do you think we could see copy cats here? >> you know, there's always going to be a copycat at one point. people don't realize that weeks after 9/11, a young kid flew an airplane into a building in florida to commit suicide.
4:35 am
so these things happen. but it could be that this is a particular unique circumstance where this bomber had a reason to do this that again was only known to him. and maybe he didn't go out on social media. maybe he didn't use social media. maybe he was driven by something else. but that doesn't mean that there are people out there that don't believe that this is some part of a leading edge of a wave for them to carry out infrastructure attacks or personal attacks. we have this saying in counterterrorism, the second attack is always an american, no matter where it is in the world, people get this notoriety, they see the television coverage, and then they want to popularize their own beliefs. >> this is video right now of fbi investigators leaving the home of warner with bags of evidence there. >> yeah, and the governor of tennessee in the meantime, his name is bill lee, he has now requested federal assistance from president trump. the president was briefed on the explosion as was president-elect
4:36 am
joe biden. but president trump has made no mention of it on twitter or elsewhere, not even on twitter. you think that he would respond and give some tennesseeans some aid by now. >> you know, in my 35 years in counterterrorism, i have heard hundreds of presidential statements, at least expressing empathy with the victims of this attack. and there were victims in this attack. people lived on that street. the businesses are devastated. if you've not seen the photographs of what happened to that street from this device, you really should. hopefully we will hear from the president at some point. maybe he is just holding his tongue on advice of counsel so that he can find out what the motivation of what this individual was. but people are hurt. downtown nashville, i know that street, i know that block. there are some fine places there. they are just going to need federal support here. this was a terrorist attack no matter what because the purpose
4:37 am
of the bomber was to influence an audience beyond the immediate victims with a message that we have yet to discern. >> malcom nance, truer words can't be spoken. thank you so much for your time. americans are in limbo. president trump refusing to sign the covid relief bill, leaving millions without unemployment benefits and putting the government of course on the brink of another shutdown come tomorrow. could this actually cost republicans control of the senate? our next round of memorable 2020 images. this is from october when you'll recall president trump was flown to walter reed after being diagnosed with coronavirus. he spent three days in the hospital and recovered. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. here are the top stories we're watching. >> i heard a sound like brr-rr-rr. and it was like two seconds of gunfire. he was running in the middle of the street trying to stop cars and he ran right by me screaming, call 9-1-1, i've been shot. >> police haven't arrested anyone yet after one person was killed and five others were hurt in a shooting in massachusetts. it happened while a music video was being shot last night in
4:42 am
lynn, about 11 miles north of boston. at least one of those victims has life-threatening injuries. a player named offensive player of the year has now died. we are told that he died in texas. authorities in utah and back in texas have not released details surrounding the circumstances of his death. he was 19 years old. a woman survived after her car went over a san francisco beach cliff and landed on its roof on the sand below. pretty stunning images there. she was the only one in the car and she was taken to a trauma center in serious condition. the woman hasn't been identified yet. and authorities are trying to figure out why that car went over the cliff. at the stroke of midnight this morning, jobless benefits expired for millions of americans. president-elect joe biden is warning of devastating consequences if there is any further delay of covid relief. and now a government shutdown to
4:43 am
add to all of it is now looming. msnbc reporter deepa shivaram is following the biden camp in wilmington, delaware, this morning. deepa, what more did the president-elect have to say about this urgent need for relief? >> that's right, kendis. joe biden yesterday putting out that statement with pretty strong words talking about the dire consequences if president donald trump does not sign this covid relief bill which we have not seen him do. he talked about how evictions would be happening for millions of americans, sma small busines would further be damaged and unemployment benefits running out for americans of millions. and he said all of this could be solved or at least partially solved if donald trump signed this bill. biden was pretty clear that signing this bill passing it would be more of a downpayment. that's what he called it. he said it was basically a
4:44 am
starting-off point in order to keep that forward-moving momentum on solving this covid pandemic and all of the economic problems that have come along with it. we know that joe biden and kamala harris have an ambitious plan for their first hundred days on how to tackle this pandemic, that includes this vaccine rollout process, as well as getting kids back in schools. that's another priority for this incoming administration. and all of that kind of needs to get the ball rolling. he's hoping that this bill which was passed in a bipartisan way, democrats and republicans came together to bring americans some kind of small relief. and the president is now sitting on it and not moving and essentially holding this back. so, biden is here really helping that the president can push this forward and make this happen for so many millions of americans who are waiting on this aid. and of course all of this happens in the background of waiting for more cabinet announcements from the biden team. we're hoping to see some more of those in this coming week and into the new year. and with this georgia runoff
4:45 am
election, he's got a lot of cabinet picks that he selected, building out his team. but in order to get those confirmations, in order to get those people actually confirmed, that will really depend on how the senate shapes up, and that's something that of course everyone has their eyes turned to come january 5th for that special senate runoff election, two seats up for grabs which could make a really big difference. >> that indeed. deepa shivaram in wilmington, delaware. and we're going to follow up on what you were putting down there when it comes to the georgia and runoff elections. big implications all around. >> everyone in georgia really watching and waiting. let's get some perspective from somebody who knows georgia politics well. we're going to bring in greg blustein, a political reporter for "the atlanta journal constitution." thank you so much for joining us. and you wrote that president trump's delay has now complicated these runoff elections. it's created a delay for
4:46 am
republican candidates. and i can't help -- that needs to be stressed so much because it's not like the president is doing this after an election when nothing else is going on. he's sitting on a bill while such a crucial race is just days away. >> yeah. it really puts the two republican incumbents in a really tricky spot. and the president in pushing for $2,000 stimulus checks or do they stick with their congressional leaders and support a measure that just a few days ago they were on a victory lap. senator david perdue cut an ad proclaiming his support for a stimulus checks. it puts them in this bind and so far we don't really have a clear answer from either of the senators what position they intend to take on the president's call for a more robust stimulus package. >> it would also seem, while it puts loeffler and perdue in a tricky situation. so what's their message right
4:47 am
now when it comes to this stimulus bill? >> this is one of the rare agreements they have with the president. both the democrats jon ossoff and warnock said they wished the stimulus package was more generous. but they would have voted for it. now they have the president saying the same thing. so they're calling on their republican rivals to listen to the president and pass a much more generous stimulus package. so here they are going around the state saying essentially if you elect democratic senators, you georgia voters will have a $2,000 stimulus check if we're in office in january. >> one thing that makes you wonder which party this is benefitting more, who's feeling more energized at the moment. maybe you can look to fundraising for that. ossoff and warnock, they are breaking fundraiser records, each pulling in more than 100
4:48 am
million perspectively. does that give us a big sense of what might come in the beginning of january? >> yeah. clearly the democrats have a fundraising advantage with the campaigns. although the republicans have a big advantage in terms of outside spending. what's clear here is we're about $500 million worth of tv ads. and i think when all is said and done, we'll be topping $800 million in overall spending when you include the outside groups in georgia. so a tremendous amount of money being spent. the democrats have really been able to leverage small dollar donations, raising just heaps of cash with 5, 10, $20 donations from around the country. and republicans, too, they've launched a 50-state fundraising effort. it used to be in georgia. you talked about raising money out of state. it was a bad word. now with so much on the line, all four of these candidates are aggressively raising cash from around the country. >> staggering numbers there.
4:49 am
i'm sure that south carolina senator elect jimmy harris will say -- harrison will say money really does make a difference. let's talk about lynwood, because you have this guy who's a pro-trump supporter who's telling republican voters there in georgia not to vote, bashing loeffler, perdue, and the governor saying that they were part of this fraudulent election. are republicans there actually really paying attention to this? >> yes, they are. the vast majority of republicans are still going to vote on january 5th. they know it's in line. but there is a smaller group of republicans. and i've talked to them. i was at one of lynwood's events. it was frankly, it attracted more people than any other republican event i've been to this entire year, with the exception of an event for president trump or vice
4:50 am
president mike pence. there are some republicans who either want to boycott the election to send a message to governor kemp and other republicans who they feel like didn't do enough to help president trump. or they're generally concerned and confused about how to vote because they've been hearing all this false all of this false misinformation for years. and now they are genuinely confused. what's the best way to cast my ballot. >>. >> that messaging being boy cannot the election. >> the tallahassee journal constitution is lucky to have you pb thank you for joining us. >> christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean that your shopping has to be we have the best post holiday deals, next. .
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drama is brewing between the girl scouts and the boy scouts. when they opened their services to girls it lead to confusion and caused some girls to unwittingly join the boys. the boy scouts say it is inaccurate and dismissive of the 120,000 girl that's have chosen to join their programs. >> it may be time to treat yourself on the cheap. christmas has come and gone and it is time to grab the post poll day deals. . how can you score some of the holiday items. >> this year more than 30% of americans plan to cash in on business deals. >> there are some things
4:54 am
retailers are going to be looking to clear space for the new season coming this. >> winter apparel. >> i'm looking for sweaters. >> with the pandemic driving more online shopping chances are your inbox is flooded with retailers looking to grab your attention with eye catching offers. walmart, target, and macy's posting deals from 20% to 70% office. >> the deals are more level than they have ever been. they tried to create a good event. >> if you plan to use a gift card pairing it with a saving website could stretch your dollar even further. >> it will alert you when anything goes on sale. >> consumer experts say some
4:55 am
products should stay off of your list for now. >> i would hold off for things in the new year new you category like fitness and wellness items. also hold off on tv's until really before the super bowl. >> heading into 2021. cathy park, thank you. >> a year like no other to say the least. we have been going down memory lane. black lives mat brother tests, the president getting and recoving from covid. there was very lighter moments as well. >> harry and meghan ditching the royal family, and shakira and j. low at the super bowl.
4:56 am
"tiger king." >> and the first father-son duo to win emmy's for "schitt's creek." >> i'm lindsey riser, we will be back next weekend. up next max seine waters will t with ali velshi. velshi.k in our softest, smoothest fabric. she's confident, protected, her strength respected. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.
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there are 24 days until president-elect joe bide's inauguration. he is still refusing to sign a crucial bill to fund the government and extend covid relief to millions of struggling americans. as of midnight last night the supplement aal benefits keeping food on the table for many is set to expire. multiple officials say they searched the home of 63-year-old anthony quinn warner in connection with the bombing. a google street view of his home shows an rv parked in the backyard that appears to be


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